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12" Cuddlekins Plush Stuffed Moose

SKU: 018-80624
Weight: 0 kg 335 g

Your child will love this adorable 12" plush moose from Wild Republic's Cuddlekins collection! This Cuddlekins moose is made from soft brown plush fur and has beanbag hooves and tan fleece antlers. Add this Cuddlekins moose to your child's stuffed animal collection today!

Moose live in the northernmost regions of North America and are the largest members of the deer family. Because they are so tall, moose cannot graze comfortably. They feed on low-lying shrubs and tree bark, and stand in water to eat water plants. They are excellent swimmers and sometimes dive for underwater plants. Only males have antlers, which are shed and regrown every year. This Cuddlekin Moose is so realistic you may be tempted, but Please Don't Feed! Soft and unbelievably plush it is sure to be cuddled and loved. Recommended Age 3+.


  • highly detailed design
  • quality fabric
  • ultra-plush stuffing
  • realistically adorable features

Price: (CDN$)14.99
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12" Cuddlekins Plush Stuffed  Moose
12" Cuddlekins Plush Stuffed Moose
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science kits, science for kids, science experiments, educational toys, solar toys, teacher supplies, classroom supplies,

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