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Science for Kids


Animal Classifying Cards: Deserts , Ages 5-11

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Fun for the whole family! Kids can learn fun and interesting facts about desert animals in their habitat. Oversized cards are easy to handle and feature 24 animals in full-color on one side, and class, habitat, location, size, diet, body covering and fun facts on the other side. Activity Card included.


Specifications: Cards measure 5" x 7".

Developmental Skills

  • Language
  • Imagination
  • Memory/Recall
  • Visual Attention
  • Visual Processing
  • Advanced Sorting and Classification
  • Object Recognition and Identification

Key Features and Benefits



  • Provides the information in a clear organized, consistent manner.  This helps children learn the information in an organized manner that helps in retention and retrieval of that information at a later time.
  • Enables children to use a simple style to learn in an age appropriate manner.
  • Clues from color-coded cards (if using more than one set at time) assist children in achieving higher success rate and increased self esteem when sorting and/or classifying animals. 
  • Because each card only has one animal, the information presented to the children is easily learned so they can progress at their own pace.



  • Cards and their facts are unique and novel to most children and contain concise information providing teachers with topics to start verbal conversations.
  • The “deck” of cards can help children learn how conversation flow works by taking turns picking a card and either reading or talking about that card.




  • The double-sided cards are laminated for easy clean up.
  • Cards are oversized and can easily be seen if they are placed on an easel stand in front of a child who cannot hold the card. The font used is large and clear and the space in between the short descriptions is ample.


  • The cards are visually oriented.
Price: (CDN$)11.95
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Animal Classifying Cards: Deserts , Ages 5-11
Animal Classifying Cards: Deserts , Ages 5-11
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